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2020: Covid 19

It's Saturday morning and I'm sat at home typing this blog. I shouldn't be here right now, I should be at a rather gorgeous wedding venue playing for a client with the quartet. Clients' wedding dates come and go and I feel incredibly sad for them and my fellow musicians who have all lost out in so many ways. I won't deny there are low points and worries for musicians and artists right now. However, I'm a "glass half full" type of girl so I'm looking to the future and making plans.

Most of our bookings have been moved to the 3 months of this year or into 2021. Couples looking to marry in 2021 are also realising that they need to book ahead in order to secure the date they want. Flexibility is key with dates.

We are following the guidance closely as it's in everyone's best interests to do so. We're very happy to play in well-ventilated rooms and we're very happy to play outside as long as we have shade or protection from the changeable British weather. If required to do so we are happy to wear masks to play. We will always check our temperatures and take responsibility for our health. Hand washing is always important - pandemic or no pandemic!

In the wake of the devastation caused by Covid 19 the Association of British Wedding Businesses was formed by Hamish Shephard. Hamish understands the wedding industry as he set up Bridebook and owns Hedsor House. The ABWB has brought together some of the finest weddings suppliers from around the country and it's been so useful in helping to navigate the tricky situation in which the industry has found itself.

I want to finish by telling you about a new project that we're currently working on but I think I'll leave that until a future blog.

Stay safe and happy.

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