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Recently I read a great blog by a well-respected wedding maker Rebekah Naomi. In the blog she explains why she's taken the decision to close her cake making business. For her, running the business the way in which she did was simply not fruitful. She found it an impossible task to make clients understand why she charged what she did for her work. The problem is not isolated to the baking industry, it's a problem experienced by all creative industries.

If you are a frequent visitor to our website you might have noticed that we've recently added a Prices page. We've added this in the quest for transparency and to help our potential clients. We feel that these prices represent the true cost of running a professional quartet. We are lucky enough to love what we do but we also have families to support and bills of our own to pay. These prices are a guide only, your quotation maybe higher if you've chosen to book us via an agency. Did you know agencies charge between approximately 10 - 40%? There are pros and cons to booking through a music agency but that's a blog for a later date.

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We are grateful to our clients past and present because they are supportive of what we do. Our clients are discerning individuals who appreciate the efficient way in which we run Accordi: responding to clients requests promptly, ensuring we are presentable at events, maintaining our instruments to ensure we produce the best sound we possible can (whilst we don't play on violins, violas and cellos made by the great Italian old makers our instruments are handmade and equally fragile). We like to keep our repertoire fresh and this means either buying new music or taking a few hours to arrange it.

We sincerely hope that Rebekah enjoys her time away from the industry and hope she is able to rekindle her "cake and business mojo". You can read Rebekah's excellent blog on pricing here.

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