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Why bother with music at your event?

A few weeks ago I dragged my children around yet another wedding fair. I lured them with the promise of cake samples. Wedding fairs can be a really good way of meeting potential suppliers and getting a few ideas. When I got married, nearly 13 years ago, I attended a few wedding fairs and successfully found a caterer and florist. Wedding fairs can be a little bit like a wedding supermarket.

B/W photo of Accordi SQ

That particular wedding fair was held in a sports hall which sounds as far away as possible from an intimate romantic wedding setting as possible. As I walked around the fair chatting to a few of my industry buddies it suddenly stuck me that the music (Frank Sinatra singing Fly Me To The Moon and Adele's version of Make You Feel My Love) was the single thing that stopped the event feeling like one was shopping for groceries.

Now, I fully admit that I'm completely and utterly biased towards music, after all, it's been a major feature in my life for at least 34 years but music, particularly live music, has a unique power to transform moods and events.

Having live music at your event provides an incredible atmosphere to proceedings. Live music can personalise your event rather like a film soundtrack. If you want to give your event an air of refinement then consider playing classical music. Want to celebrate something? Then chose something upbeat and funky.

The joy of a string quartet is that it can play a variety of music styles in an unobtrusive way. Stringed instruments have been providing background music for events for centuries and the warmth of the string sound continues to be relevant which is why it features in practically every single piece of pop music.

If you're looking for that something to transport your event to the next level consider booking some live music for your event. You won't be disappointed.

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